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  ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \ ~Hello~

Just wanted to say thanks for translating this. It's an odd game and a whole lot different from Charon's previous works. The true ending is pretty cool since it shows a connection with Mikoto Nikki, but I have to admit that I didn't enjoy this as much story wise since I'm just taking verbal abuse from a loli.

You mentioned working on your own game projects. I was wondering if you were translating other games or making your own? If it's the latter, I was just curious as to what kind of game it is.

Overall, interesting game and a huge thanks for translating it.

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Thanks for playing! I am working on horror game in RPG Maker.


It was a hell of a trip playing this game.....IN A GOOD WAY OF COURSE

It was funny and unexpected, and i guess ill keep my eye open for new games in this account cause THIS WAS ASWOME

ALSO final part : 

Glad to hear that You enjoyed the game, though I didn't create this.  I am working on my own game projects and I'll be sure to upload them on this account once they are finished.

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Great work on the translation. Are you thinking of translating Charon’s new games also? I think 2 or 3 have come out after this one 


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I have my hands full with my own game project. Maybe someone else will pick them up?

When the game will be on Android  if the game support  zip file and if the game starts it's ok


and th second part of this game is here.

truly an amazing game


could you probably make this accesible on windows? because i can't download the game. (not sure if i spelled that right)

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You can download either zip or rar archive format to extract game files. This works on windows without any problems.


Yo i played your game and it was awesome, really loved how quickly the whole conversation escalated..

check the first part:


When I try to extract the .rar file, it says the file is either unknown format or damaged, already tried re-downloading the file, still does not work

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Are You using winrar for extracting? It has to work. Now You can download either rar or zip file. Try the other one and hope for the best! File itself is not corrupted since it extracts just fine on my machine. (Win 7)

I was using winrar, the ZIP file works for me, but the RAR file does not work for some reason

thx for the help

Would you mind making it a compressed folder file? I cannot play games that have icons that look like paper. My computer won't do it.

I will update download page with game in both rar and zip format 

Thank you for translating this game to English!

I wanted to ask, who is the green haired girl in your avatar picture, drawn in CHARON's style? Is she a character from their most recent, untranslated games? I've never seen her before, she's pretty cute!

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Her name is unknown to me. She was on Charon website header. I hope they will include her in future game though.

Thanks for translating the game into english!


Thanks for recording it~

This game was absolutely fantastic and thanks for translating it to English.Kotomi did a wonderful job in being a sadistic loli who loved every bit of dissing me XD Im still quite confused about the bad end as to what Kotomi exactly meant by how she was not doing this on purpose n that her malice grew stronger bcz of Mitarou or that she doesnt want to reveal her real self like is she sadistic to him bcz she is close with him or she is just like this in nature bcz of some tragic event.Even though I know she said she says mean things to him bcz she likes him but the bad end still confuses me.

I'm glad You enjoyed it!